5 Ways to Live Simply During Hard Times

Letting go of what you can’t control and responding to what you can is pivotal during hard times.

1. Say no. Placing boundaries in our lives allows us to respond properly to what we CAN control — but also shifts our lives to a more purposeful and meaningful journey.

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2. Be mindful. Every single person on the planet is struggling to some degree during these hard times. I have to remind myself and my children of this often. If we ever needed to give ourselves a break — it is now, more than ever. Mindfulness has helped me validate not only my feelings, but the feelings of others. They are not ignored nor do they disappear, but grasped so that I can be a better version of me and be present in the midst of chaos.

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3. Be with nature. Getting outdoors during hard times allows our senses to be stimulated, yet balanced. We recently took our family camping along the plateau in Tennessee. This was a much needed time to be outdoors with the season changing. There are several simple things that you can do to bring the outdoors in your life more. 20 Ways to Bring the Outdoors into Your Life

The Norwegians believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. So, bundle up, grab yourself your favorite hot drink and get outside!

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4. Get cozy. This is my mantra and my central focus no matter where I am — home, work, hospital, camping, traveling, visiting a loved one — this warm energy provides comfort. Coziness is a state of mind that makes us feel safe, content, and at peace. It is a time for recovery and relaxation. It is all things that comfort you. I love listening to music of many different genres — soft instrumental jazz adds to that ‘coziness’ feel.

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5. Detach from “screens”. This is HUGE for me. When I am scrolling through my phone, I have noticed that it quickly becomes a habit…..and not a good one. I will start to feel tired and even a little agitated — that is when I catch myself and put the phone down. Can you imagine what it does to kids? Raising Kids Simply During A Pandemic

Don’t get me wrong! I love to watch movies, explore Pinterest, and glance through social media. It’s all about balance and mindfulness. Am I present if I am on social media while my family or friends are engaging in conversation? No — and I’m creating feelings of inadequacy deep inside because afterwards I know that I missed that time that I can never get back. Just remember your social media accounts were created by you and for you! Don’t allow negativity or anything that makes you uncomfortable into your newsfeed. These things are part of the chaos in our lives if we do not take control of them (something you can control).

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Stay Cozy

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