Autumn Movie List

Let’s watch a movie…

I have movie favorites for every single season. I love to watch new movies, but also find comfort in watching movies that give me a sense of comfort–familiarity. Here is a list of my absolute favorite movies to watch in the fall!

  • The Good Witch series on Hallmark 
  • When Harry Met Sally 
  •  Baby Boom
  •  Funny Farm 
  •  You’ve Got Mail
  •  Practical Magic
  •  Stepmom
  •  Hocus Pocus
  •  Halloweentown
  •  Haunted Mansion
  •  It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
  •  Ghostbusters
  •  Murphy’s Romance
  •  Son In Law
  •  Home for the Holidays
  •  A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  •  Haunted Honeymoon
  • What Lies Beneath (this one is a weird choice-I know). 

These are all aesthetically pleasing to me during the season. I am also guilty of throwing in a Christmas movie, or three, every now and then. Sometimes, if I am doing some home projects or cleaning, I will turn these on to get inspired….it works every time.

They say that watching the same movies over and over bring a sense of comfort, familiarity, and predictability during times of uncertainty. I find this to be true–I think we could all use a little predictability these days.

So, slow down and enjoy some good cinema-therapy.

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