Autumn Seasons

How to Get Ready for Fall

Are you as ready for fall as we are?

Fall is just around the corner. It is a time for reflection and transformation. It is a time for gentleness and coziness.

I truly enjoy getting the house ready for the changing season. Cooler weather is on the way and it is something to look forward to.

The changing colors in nature, the crisp in the air, and the leaves beginning to fall are a reminder to me that it is ok to let things go that no longer serve you. 

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3 cozy things to do to get ready for fall


As a family, we try to purge “stuff”, cleaning out different spaces in our house–donating items we no longer need. I have to really be intentional with this one. Life does indeed get busy at times, so I do get behind. Getting everyone to buy in on this process is important. We all see the reward and work hard together to keep it organized…..for a little while at least.

I take this time to get rid of clothing that no longer fits or is inspiring for me to wear. I also do this with my children. I’m clearing clutter and teaching them good habits at the same time. I start preparing for cooler weather a little early–shopping sales, donating items, and getting winter coats, hats, and mittens washed and ready. In Tennessee, we start seeing some cooler weather at the end of September and beginning of October. 

If you are able to, changing out your bedding and adding cozy flannel sheets is always a charming touch to your bedrooms, but also a luxury. Adding extra blankets are nice to have for those cold nights. Giving your bedrooms a good cleaning, purging unused items, finding a place for memorabilia, and throwing away trash can simply create a cozy feeling alone.

ready for fall

Fall Decor

Getting ready for fall means the Fall decorations come out of the attic, pumpkin spice candles are lit, and usually, we turn on Hocus Pocus and the fun begins! I love to decorate with warm autumn tones. We do like to add a hint of “spooky” decor in some areas–creepy cloth, old witch dolls, bats, jack-o-lanterns, etc. Lights are an absolute must. I love the ambiance of candles and lights at home. My particular favorites are the purple and orange lights. 

ready for fall

Home Maintenance

Adding some fresh mulch to our landscaping, pruning the shrubs, cleaning up the garden, digging up my herbs to be potted and brought inside always adds curb appeal, but also prepares your plants for cooler weather and their time to rest. If you live in a cozy little apartment, then this is one less thing you have to worry about to get ready for fall.

Tending to your HVAC units after a long hot summer is always the top of my list in addition to making sure the fireplace is cleaned and ready to go.

For me, a cozy fire is the heart of the home. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, make sure you have a professional clean your chimney and make any minor repairs needed. Chimney and fireplace repair can get costly if neglected over time and can be hazardous. We have a gas fireplace–we clean the firebox and logs really well with canned air to remove any dust and debris. I have not always had a fireplace and have been known to have a cozy virtual fire going on my TV or even my computer.

Click here for the virtual fire video I use Cozy Fire Ambiance

Cleaning ceiling fans and reversing their direction will help circulate heat when the time comes. Also, I make sure that all of our vents have fresh air filters in them.

We live out in the country so pretty soon, little critters will eagerly be awaiting to seek shelter. Taking the time to seal off any areas in the exterior walls that may need it, clean up any debris or tall grass, and making sure there is not a source of food close to your home makes a big difference.

We have chickens–4 hens right now. We get their coop all cozy and ready for cooler weather making sure to repair any leaks, adding plenty of straw, and decorating with a cute little scarecrow right outside their window.

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Send Out Positive Vibes

This may sound like a lot to get ready for fall…. well, because it is! I start this process early so that I can somewhat pace myself and not feel rushed but accomplished. The mindset is not dread, but gratitude and optimism–sending out positives vibes throughout my home. I am very old-fashioned in the belief that every member of the family has important roles–even the little ones. 

The glory in all of this is that you have completed tasks that will make your home cozy, welcoming, and comforting after stressful days at work. You can enjoy your fall decor–ambiance is everything when it comes to coziness. 

Now, make yourself some mulled cider, light your candles, turn on your fairy lights, get cozied up, and celebrate your success by relaxing and simply…..doing….nothing.

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